Understanding the process is important.
Bowden & George Door Services generally work with you in the following way:

Once the service contract is signed and returned to our Head Office in Christchurch, and following the initial audit, the information is processed and a recurring service request entered onto our job tracking system for each site.

The service request details the type of door(s), frequency of service, location and, where applicable, provides our service technician with any special instructions with regard to access to the site.

This service request is produced automatically by the system on the first day of the month during which the service is scheduled. During that month our technician will visit the site and carry out a visual and physical check of operational components.

After the service check is completed one copy of the Service Report (a carbonised form) is left on site (in the building warrant of fitness folder – if available). The site contact is requested to certify that the works have been carried out to a satisfactory standard, stamps and signs the Service Report accordingly.

Our technician will make remarks on the general condition of the unit. On return of the report to the office for processing, the information noted on the service report is assessed and is processed into the service report summary for that period. In this case, we would provide a formal report and quotation for remedial repairs which consolidates and summarises this information.

A copy of the service report for each site is submitted with this consolidated report which is dispatched to the client contact.

“We do it once, we do it right”